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Christina Veira, The Bartender Philanthropist

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Nellie's No Comments


In the last few months, it feels like a lot has changed, leaving some of us feeling pretty overwhelmed about the world around us.

We kick off Season 4 by hearing why- and how- one Toronto bartender uses her off time to volunteer.  Christina Veira is a long time food & beverage vet, known for making a killer cocktail and also just being really nice (something that is not always said about servers in Toronto). For the last year and a half, she’s been working closely with a local shelter, but not in the way we view traditional “volunteering”.

Listen to interview here:

Find full interview here courtesy Foodstuffs :

National Volunteers Week 2015 – Nellie’s Board of Directors

Posted on: April 16th, 2015 by Nellie's No Comments


We would like to thank the members of Nellie’s Board of Directors, Fund Development Committee, Accessibility Committee and Social Justice Committee.  These amazing  women are the ones who work behind the scenes giving generously of their time and expertize to ensure we have the support we need to make a difference to the community we serve.  Their kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated by the women & children of Nellie’s!

Board of Directors

Fran Odette, President

Sienna Leung, Vice President

Michelle Bain, Secretary

Helen Nowak, Treasurer

Lauren Hanna

Bethany Johnson

Sahar Zaidi

Lori Loewen


Fund Development Committee

Mary Byberg

Sherri Thiele


Accessibility Committee

Tamyka Bullen

Kathe Rogers


Social Justice Committee

Jennifer-Ann Joseph

Amy Prisniak

Barbora Malhotra

Lynda Roy

Dale Yurka

National Volunteer Week 2015 – Team Nellies

Posted on: April 14th, 2015 by Nellie's No Comments


This week we’d like to introduce you to some of the amazing volunteers of Team Nellie’s!  From left to right Jessica Ledere, Jolene Hoffie, Michel Alba, Patricia Chow & Nu Tu Tang.

Nellie’s volunteers are an essential part of our day-to-day work. They are the angels who work tirelessly to help us unpack deliveries & sort donations, set-up rooms & decorations for an Event, stuff envelopes for hundreds of Newsletters and package foods for the weekly Food Bank giveaway.

They will show up early on a Saturday morning to help with the Easter egg hunt, participate in climbing the stairs of the CN Tower, walk, wheel or run in the Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon and March for International Women’s Day and the Pride Parade.

Working directly with our women and children to ensure that their experience at Nellie’s is a great one, we could not do the work we do without them. In fact, our every day work would be impossible without our volunteers. They are our heroes!

If you think you have the commitment & drive it takes to be a Nellie’s volunteer (and a great sense of humour) please contact us at to find out more

National Volunteer Week 2015 – The Basketeers

Posted on: April 13th, 2015 by Nellie's No Comments

Nellie’s thanks Cherly Stoneburgh and The Basketeers! Each holiday women at Nellie’s Shelter and in the community we serve are happy to get wonderful baskets of holiday cheer and much needed necessities from Cheryl and The Basketeers. On behalf of the women & children of Nellie’s We would like to say a huge Thank You to all of these volunteers whose kindness and generosity are much appreciated by our women & children! The following information from will give you an idea of what The Basketeers are all about and the wonderful work they do in communities all over Canada.

The original concept was “to support women in new beginnings”. The shelters that many of us were already supporting said it was fairly easy to find groups willing to buy or sponsor Christmas gifts for children, but their mothers seemed to have been forgotten. We feel by supporting the mothers, they will, in turn, find the strength to create new lives for themselves and their children and not return to the abuser, and will feel stronger for their children. That is why our group The Basketeers was created. We are a generous group of around 3500 volunteers with large hearts. We are not a registered charity.

In effect, you start by purchasing a large laundry basket and then you fill it with items a woman starting a new life might need. For example, a kitchen basket might contain a kettle, frying pan, kitchen towels, dinnerware, washing-up detergent, etc; a bed and bath basket might include sheets, an alarm clock, a blanket, pillow, shower curtain etc. You are encouraged to make every basket special by adding luxury items, such as chocolates, scented soaps, cream, bath oils, etc. The Basketeers also advocate including gift cards from grocery or department stores.

Look how we’ve grown! In 2000 we started with 14 baskets and in 2013 we supported 47 women’s shelters in southwestern Ontario and British Columbia with a total of 1,329 beautifully wrapped baskets. In fourteen years we have grown from the original group of Basketeers covering the Greater Toronto Area and now we have ten additional chapters located in Stratford, Ottawa, York, Hamilton, Brantford, Guelph, Thunder Bay, Prince Edward County, Durham, Penticton, BC and Montreal, QC. All chapters have their own drop off locations, on the same day.

Please click here to volunteer with The Basketeers!