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OAITH Femicide List

Posted on: December 7th, 2016 by Nellie's No Comments

Collage of 6 victims of Femicide

November 26th 2015 –  November 25th 2016 

Section 1:
Femicide is commonly defined as the intentional murder of women because they are women[1]. Broader definitions can include any killings of women or girls. Intimate Partner Femicide (IPF) is the murder of a woman by her intimate partner including (e.g. husband/ex-husband, common law spouse/ex-spouse, boyfriend/ex-boyfriend and date)[2]. Most women listed below are examples of IPF although some women were known to the male perpetrators e.g. familial relationships or acquaintances, but were not intimate partners.  This list is based on reports in the media and other available sources.


1. Margaret Ardis, 73 March 24, 2016, Leamington ON

Margaret was found inside her burning home. Though her cause of death has yet to be determined, police have confirmed that it was not due to the fire. Her husband has been charged with first degree murder. Margaret is remembered by her children, grandchildren, brother, and friends. Margaret is described by friends as a happy woman who loved her husband dearly.


2. Candace Baran, 41 December 21, 2015, Toronto ON

Candace will be remembered as a writer, photographer, artist and “all-around adventurer”. She was found unconscious in her home by police on December 15 and was taken to the hospital. Her husband was charged with aggravated assault, that eventually was upgraded to second-degree murder. Post-mortem examinations determined that she passed due to complications from a head injury. Baran had an infectious source of cheer and was very enthusiastic about travel and food. She will be remembered by her parents, her sister and her brother.


3. Kristina Bennett, 25 June 25, 2016, Whitby ON

Kristina was found in her townhouse by police after her boyfriend walked into a police station saying “something had happened to his girlfriend”. The cause of death was the result of Kristina being stabbed. Her boyfriend has since been charged with second-degree murder. Kristina leaves behind a 10-month-old baby boy. Friends described her as an energetic, bubbly, and fun woman, who loved her son very much.


4. Gurpreet K. Brar, 37 January 31 2016, Brampton ON

Mother of three children, Gurpreet was found inside a burning vehicle.  Her 50 year old husband was charged with first degree murder in connection to the vehicle found on fire on Highway 402.  Sources claim that police discovered a letter written by Gurpreet where she stated she feared for her life.



5. Precious Charbonneau, 33 December 20, 2015, Toronto ON

Precious fell 21-stories from her downtown apartment building after her newlywed husband, stabbed her several times before also falling to his death. The cause of death was the result of trauma from the fall. The couple were expecting their first child together when the murder- suicide took place.


6. Sylvia Consuelo, 24 January 30, 2016, Toronto ON

Sylvia’s body was found brutally beaten, sexually assaulted, and suffocated in her apartment. Sylvia was described as a quiet, petite woman and had three children.  Police have arrested a 29 year old man, with first-degree murder in relation to Sylvia’s death.  It has been reported that they knew one another.  The accused was also charged and arrested for his involvement in a violent home invasion on June 12th 2016 in Mississauga.


7. Melissa Cooper, 30 April 19, 2016 Toronto ON

Melissa’s body was found in downtown Toronto. The cause of death is unknown. A 38-year-old male has been charged with indignity to a dead body, and later was charged with second-degree murder in Melissa’s death. Police did not say what caused them to lay the additional charge. Friends says that she was an amazing, generous person.  Although police are not indicating how, or if they were known to one another, friends have reported to the media that Melissa had been to his home.


8. Nicole Guimond, 24 February 2016, Odessa ON

Remembered as a kind-hearted woman with a contagious smile.  Nicole 28, was shot by her former boyfriend before shooting himself inside the home they shared located about 20 kilometres west of Kingston, Ont. Firefighters and paramedics arrived to find both suffering from gunshot wounds. They tried to resuscitate Guimond who was without vital signs.


9. Shannon Simone Kochie, 39 December 2015, North Bay ON

Remembered for her generous spirit, Shannon was murdered inside an apartment. Police arrested and charged a 38-year-old male in which she had been in a short-term relationship. Shannon was found in her bedroom and succumbed to multiple stab wounds. Shannon was a loving mother and will be deeply missed by her mother and sisters.


10. Aline Lalonde (New), 70, May 2016, Cochrane, ON

Remembered on social media as a nice woman, who was known by locals in her small community.  Police found Aline’s remains 10 days after she was reported missing in Fournier Township.  2nd degree murder charges have been laid against someone related to her, but police are not indicating the nature of the relationship, cause of death or any other details

11. Sang Ju (Gina) Milroy, 69 April 27, 2016, Stoney Creek ON

Gina died at Hamilton General Hospital after being shot by her son. He also shot his girlfriend Aerlaena Smith, 19, and his younger brother Michael, 32, before killing himself.  Gina was retired, but was a manager at Tim Hortons. Her colleagues described her as a great manager and fun to work with. She will be missed by many relatives in South Korea, and was a loving mother, sister, cousin, and aunt.

12. Marilyn Mitton, 65 July 31, 2016 Hamilton ON

Marilyn was found unresponsive when firefighters were called to respond to a fire in her seventh-floor apartment. She had been stabbed 7 times before the home was set on fire, which injured an additional three people. A 66-year-old male has been charged with first-degree murder. Police say the two knew each other and lived in the same seniors’ apartment building in downtown Hamilton. Media reports indicate their interactions were ‘hot and cold’.


13. Andrea Normore, 53 March 25, 2016, Cambridge ON

Andrea was found deceased in her townhouse and police identified the suspect as a male she had known for three years. The 44-year-old accused later died in a car crash in Puslinch township a couple hours after Andrea died. Further details about the circumstances surrounding her death have yet to be released by police. Andrea was a cherished friend to many, and an intelligent woman. She will be missed deeply by her children and family.


14. Katherine Plytas, 56 August 1, 2016, Toronto ON

Katherine, mother of three, was found dead in her home by her daughter after being told by Katherine’s husband that she died in her sleep. Toronto Police have charged her 56 year old husband of 38 years with second-degree murder. Katherine worked as an emergency waste- management dispatcher, though her diagnosis with Graves’ Disease forced her to stop working several years ago, and limited her mobility. Katherine was described as loving, caring, kind, and funny, especially towards her children and grandchildren.

15. Susan Ryan, 66 August 25, 2016, Toronto ON

Susan was found dead from strangulation along with her two sons, Christopher and Alexander. Her other son is charged with three counts of first-degree murder.  Susan leaves behind one other son, who witnessed the attack on his mother and fled to a neighbour’s for shelter. A neighbour described her as a friendly woman who enjoyed gardening


16. Aerlaena Smith, 19 April 16, 2016, Stoney Creek ON

Aerlaena, 19, was shot by her 37 year old boyfriend who also killed his brother, his mother and then himself.  Her family had tried to support her early on as there were signs of abuse in the relationship.  She had an angelic voice and enjoyed music in every sense, and even earned the name Rainbow for her changing hair.  She had two children she loved and spoiled, whom are now separated and living with their grandparents.


17. Christina Voelzing, 24 March 30, 2016, Bells Corner ON

Christina, 24, was shot at her home, rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to her wounds.  Her ex- boyfriend, was arrested for second degree murder on April 15th.  Christina was a victimology student at Algonquin College, weeks away from graduating where she wanted to use her skills to help youth within the criminal justice system.  She loved music, sports and is described as having a vibrant gregarious, larger than life disposition.


18. Gail Doreen White, 56 April 16, 2016, Napanee ON

Police have arrested her 44 year old step-son with first-degree murder. The cause of death at the time has not been released by the OPP, but it was rumoured that the use of a firearm was involved. Gail was a beloved wife, mother and step-mom. She will be remembered by her mother, and missed dearly by her grandchildren.


19. Kathleen Wood, 84 November 24, 2015, Guelph ON

Kathleen died of tragic circumstances in Guelph at the age of 85 in her room in an adult lifestyle community. Kathleen’s 83 year old husband is accused of first-degree murder. Kathleen moved to Canada from Northern Ireland in the late 50’s, and lived in Toronto and Guelph. She will be remembered by her beloved family.

2016 Publication Bans

20. Unknown (name not released by family) February 12, 2016

The woman was found dead in her apartment, suspected that she was killed by her husband. Her husband was later found at a body shop, having committed suicide. It is believed the couple had children. They had just recently moved into the apartment where the woman was found.

21. Unknown, 42, November 2016,

An unidentified woman was found dead in her home. Her 47 year old boyfriend has been charged with first degree murder. The cause of death has not been released, but police confirmed she was beaten and that there was a history of violence.

Updates from 2015


Susanne McNally, 45, February 20, 2015

Susanne McNally, 45, was found in her Eden Mills home just outside of Guelph with her husband Trevor McNally, 44, November 20th, 2015. Both bodies were found following a fire at their home, but no information has been released on the actual cause of death. Police are treating this as a criminal investigation, but no further information has been released. Susan worked as an assistant at a law firm in a Hamilton office, where she is remembered as the type of person who always puts others before herself. Coworkers also stated that she was dependable, and discussed her love of travelling and dogs.


Jessica Scanlon, 29 February 23, 2015, Chetwood ON

Jessica, 29 and a doting mother of two was found dead in her home. The father of her children was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Police have not released how she died, but the case was labelled as a homicide. Jessica was cherished by her father and sister. Her grandchildren will miss her dearly.

November 26th 2015 –  November 25th 2016

 Section 2:
Femicide is commonly defined as the intentional murder of women because they are women[1]. Broader definitions can include any killings of women or girls. Historically, OAITH’s work focused primarily on the intentional murder of women, by men, where there has been a known relational connection and a criminal charge laid.

In 2016, there were women we learned about through media reports that either did not indicate a relationship, OR, where it was reported a woman did not know the person who killed them, AND unsolved cases of women who’ve been murdered.  We wanted to ensure communities are aware and have an opportunity for them to be remembered.  This list is only partial. 


1. Jenna Gonzolla, 34 April 18, 2016 Hamilton ON

Jenna was found dead in an apartment in Hamilton. She was a teacher for adult learners at St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education Centre. A man who resides in a close by apartment has been charged with first-degree murder. Her dog led the police to her and the door to her apartment looked as if the perpetrator had forced himself in.


2. Tammy Le, 25 January 23 2016 Hamilton ON

Tammy was found dead at the Admiral Inn in Hamilton by her husband. From the autopsy, it was found she had been strangled to death. The police found a suspect, a man’s body, behind a school parking lot, indicating a murder suicide. It was confirmed he was a client.  Butterfly, an advocacy and support network, states: ‘We honour and remember – Tammy Le, and the other workers who have survived and lost their lives to violent ends. May they live on in our hearts and provide us with great strength and integrity as we stand up for human dignity and the right for all sex workers to live free from violence, racism, and discrimination”.


3. Jennifer Platt, 62 March 22, 2016 Lindsay ON

Jennifer was found in dead in her home the night before she had been reported missing. A 49-year-old male has been charged for her first-degree murder.


4. Kayla Sullivan, 30 October 15, 2016 Ottawa ON

Kayla was stabbed to death in the Byward Market.  A thirty-seven year old male was charged with first-degree murder in her death.  Witnesses described the assault and murder as a dispute over money.


5. Cindy Torbar, 52 March 19, 2016, Peterborough ON

Cindy was stabbed to death in a Peterborough residence.  A male was charged with the first-degree murder. Police say that the accused was a student renting space in Cindy’s home. Cindy was the beloved mother of two children.

6. Jacqueline Roleau, 40, September 22, 2016 Township of Alfred and Plantagenet ON

A 61-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder of Jacqueline after she was found dead in a rural community east of Ottawa

Unsolved Cases


1. Charnelle Marsakeash, 26, Mishkeegogamang First Nation ON

Charnelle was an Indigenous woman whose remains were found in Mishkeegogamang First Nation months after her disappearance. The cause of her death is still unknown as of November 22, 2016.

3. Tracey Friesen, 37 July 4, 2016 Thunder Bay ON

Tracey, a Sioux Lookout resident was assaulted in her home and she died several days later in Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre due to her injuries from the assault. There have been no charges laid.


4. Jamie Lee Miller, 30, Barrie ON

Jamie was found in a Simcoe County forest after months of searching when she was reported missing in October 2015. This Barrie woman was deemed a victim of homicide after further investigation.

[1] Garcia-Moreno, C., Guedes, A and Knerr, W. 2012.  Understanding and Addressing Violence Against Women.

[2] Sheehan, B., Murphy, S., Moynihan, M., Dudley-Fennessey, E., & Stapleton, J. 2015. Intimate partner homicide: New insights for understanding lethality and risks. Violence Against Women, 21(2), 269-288.