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May 10

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We are seeking a Program Manager!



Currently we are seeking an experienced, strong, visionary Program Manager to participate in the operation for the organization, to develop corresponding short and long range plans for the shelter and the community support and outreach programs.  This position reports to the Executive Director and serves as a member of the management team.


 Planning and Development

  • Manages the development of the service and program component of the annual operating plan.
  • Initiates and manages the implementation and evaluation of the service and program component, including qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Recommends changes necessary to continue program effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Oversees the development of work plans for direct reports.
  • Assists in the preparation of funding proposals.
  • Participates in the development of Board and agency planning and policy creation.
  • Participates in or leads the development or implementation of improvements in key areas of agency activity.
  • Participates actively in the senior management team, providing leadership, support and input.
  • Takes on acting Executive Director responsibilities as required.

Service Delivery

  1. Articulates responsibility and delegates’ authority for service and program delivery.
  2. Ensures the development and implementation of systems and protocols to ensure effective service delivery.
  3. Ensures that services and programs consistently meet client needs and funders/donors agreements
  4. Articulates responsibility and delegates’ authority to ensure that the daily needs of clients regarding food and kitchen service provision are available and maintained.
  5. Evaluates and resolves issues/concerns regarding program and service delivery, in consultation with staff, Supervisor/Coordinators and the Executive Director.
  6. Ensures the agency’s standard of services and programs is consistent with legislative and regulative requirements, Board policy and directives, an anti-racism/anti-oppression, feminist framework and other best practices
  7. Coordinates and monitors service and program evaluations to ensure goals and objectives are being met.
  8. Distributes reports to the Executive Director, other Managers and staff for information and action.

Volunteer Program

  1. Oversees the ongoing development and implementation of the volunteer program i.e. hiring, supervision and training
  2. Ensures the volunteer program is evaluated in terms of numbers, effectiveness in meeting program and client needs and in the context of the AR/AO, feminist Framework.
  3. Provides reports to the Executive Director, other Managers, funders/donors and staff for information and action. 


  1. Implements and maintains the Programs Budget Allocation
  2. Provides input into annual budget planning process to ensure adequate staffing and resources for service and program delivery.
  3. Monitors Program expenditures to ensure they are within annual budget allocations.

Internal Committee

  1. Provides leadership and assist in the planning and implementation of meeting agendas and work plans for the Social Justice and Accessibility Committees, as well as to other Projects identified by these committees

Human Resources

  1. Ensures implementation of the Human Resource System for service and program staff, students and volunteers.
  2. Direct and interpret organization’s policies and procedures to all staff and volunteers.
  3. Ensures the appropriate recruitment, selection, orientation, training and evaluation of staff in the service and program areas.
  4. Ensure training and development needs for all program and service related staff and volunteers are identified and appropriate training, development and human resource strategies are implemented ensuring adherence to all governance, administrative and operational policies and procedures of the agency.
  5. Ensures the implementation of all procedures for prevention and intervention in crisis situations to ensure the health and safety of agency clients and personnel.
  6. Ensures reports for information and action are distributed to the Executive Director or appropriate staff.
  7. Implement all practices according to the Collective Agreement

Staff Management

  1. Oversees and manages the work plans of all direct reports.
  2. Provides or ensures the monitoring, measurement and evaluation of performance against objectives/plans and provides feedback.
  3. Guides and develops a high performance staff team.
  4. Ensures that staff is utilized effectively, well trained, supported and has the opportunities to operate with high job satisfaction and at optimal performance levels.
  5. Promotes and maintains good communication between management and staff, among staff, students and volunteers by consultative and collaborative team work.
  6. Ensures the provision of ongoing staff supervision and management in accordance with the agency’s Collective Agreement
  7. Ensures facilitation of regularly scheduled case management meetings.

Systems Implementation

  1. Assists with the development and implementation of all documentation relating to the provision of services and legal accountability for the services and programs.
  2. Articulates responsibility and delegates authority to ensure that the daily needs of clients, including food service provision, are available and maintained.
  3. Ensures health and safety of clients and staff through implementation and  monitoring of agency policies and systems.
  4. Ensures the procurement of equipment and supplies for the operation of programs.
  5. Distributes reports for information and action to the Executive Director.
  6. Ensures compliance with MCSS and City Shelter Standards and all government legislative requirements
  7. Ensures data collection is properly and timely entered into the WISH and SMIS systems

Community Networking

  1. Develops and maintains community resource contacts and partnerships.
  2. In conjunction with the Executive Director coordinates advocacy and education in relation to issues of woman abuse, violence against women and women’s equality rights and participates in advocacy and awareness initiatives and activities.
  3. Represents the organization as appropriate on community committees, taskforces and working groups dealing with issues impacting women and or children’s lives.
  4. Respond to external request for information, advise and assist on issues impacting women and children
  5. Participates in public consultation and review of community services as required.
  6. Oversee the coordination of community events i.e. Pride, take back the night, etc


  1. Adhere to all policies, procedures, guidelines, routines and requirements of the organization and ensures Nellie’s Vision, Mission and Values are adhere to in the programs and community work.
  2. Maintain cooperative work relationships and participate in the general operation of the agency.
  3. Other responsibilities, within reason, as determined by the Executive Director.
  4. Depending upon the requirements of organization, prioritizing of the responsibilities outlined in the Program Manager job description may be required. Priorities will be determined though consultation between the Program Manager and the Executive Director.


  • Excellent time management skills
  • Budgeting
  • Community networking
  • Team Leader
  • Knowledge of feminist, anti-racism/anti-oppression policies and procedures
  • Identify staff development needs and plan appropriate training
  • Advocacy and negotiation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Knowledge of woman abuse, child abuse and the issues and barriers facing abused women and their children in the re-establishment process
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of community service partners, applicable legislation and policies, and best practices within the sector
  • Knowledge of evaluation methods
  • Computer and software literacy
  • Knowledge of stress and crisis management techniques
  • Team building methods


  • Demonstrated commitment to Nellie’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Able to organize workload, information, and people
  • Demonstrates leadership
  • Able to negotiate effectively by clearly relaying requirements and information
  • Ability to set boundaries
  • Encourages involvement /ownership and able to see other’s perspective and agree on common ground that benefits all parties.
  • Able to self-direct and set priorities to meet multiple demands and deadlines
  • Able to work positively in a team environment
  • Encourages self direction within the context of the agency’s priorities and objectives.
  • Able to make effective decisions, while remaining flexible.
  • Demonstrates consistency, ethical behaviour, passion, commitment and optimism.
  • Provides constructive feedback and acknowledgment to peers and supervisor in an effort to identify and resolve problems or conflicts in a timely and collaborative manner.
  • Completes and participates in evaluation processes.
  • Able to work effectively with people with diverse working styles
  • Able to respond quickly in crisis situations and take, or delegate responsibility for, appropriate action
  • Able to focus on several activities at once requiring different levels of decision making responsibility
  • Post-Secondary Education on Social Services  or equivalent experience
  • Five years’ experience in the social service sector and relevant experience supervising staff.
  • Demonstrated capacity in planning, coordinating and evaluating program
  • Staff supervision
  • Coordination of case management, counseling, crisis intervention and advocacy work
  • Implementation of staff and program schedules
  • Established connections to community resources
  • Work experience in an environment where there are client survivors of violence
  • Ability to work in an environment with multiple demands and ongoing crisis

To Apply:

Nellie’s is committed to the development of an agency that reflects the women it serves.  Applications from Aboriginal Women, World Majority Women/Women of Colour, Lesbians, Bisexual Women, Transgendered Women and Women with DisAbilities, Women who have experienced Violence and Consumer Survivors are strongly encouraged.

If your skills and experience match the requirements of this position, please mail your cover letter, resume and expected salary by June 9, 2017 to:

Nellie’s Hiring Committee

Attention: Margarita Mendez, Executive Director
970 Queen Street East
PO Box 98118
Toronto, Ontario
M4M 1J8

Faxes, emails or phone calls will not be accepted.      

This position requires a criminal reference check as per Ministry requirements.

Date of Posting:      Monday May 8, 2017

Deadline:                  Friday June 9, 2017

Only 4 top candidates being considered for interview will be contacted.  Interview will be arranged on Tuesday June 20 during the day time.